Marriage Based Permanent Residency

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Walking down the isle is just the first step.

Marriage to a US citizen is one of the fastest ways to get permanent residency. 

Marriage alone is not enough to get permanent residency, though. In order to succeed you must show both that your marriage is not just for an immigration benefit (Bona Fide) and you must show that your are not inadmissible.

Eligibility to Adjust Status as a Spouse

In order to adjust status to permanent resident, a spouse must generally meet all of the following requirements:

  • Lawful marriage (from any country) to the U.S. citizen petitioner; 

  • An immigrant visa is immediately available (always available for the spouse of U.S. citizen); and

  • Lawful entry to the U.S. (there are a few exceptions)

  • Admissible (or not inadmissible)                                                                       

There can be problems with any of these requirements.  There are many reasons that USCIS can find someone inadmissible: crimes, visa fraud, and prior immigration violations.  In many cases, a waiver can forgive these violations.  

Having an attorney is always a smart idea.  Immigration laws are complex, and even simple cases can become difficult.  Call us today to get information and make your dream of living in the United States come true.  

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