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Fraud and Willful Misrepresentation

Immigration fraud is a fairly common.  It is no secret that millions around the world want to live and work in the United States.  People sometimes lie in order to get benefits that they are otherwise not allowed to get.  In those instances, immigration has a strict rule: a LIFETIME BAN from getting immigration benefits.​  However, there are waivers (forgiveness) available for some types of fraud.  See our page on waivers to learn more about these.  

It is always the immigrants burden to show that he or she did not commit fraud - which can sound difficult, but in reality, unless there is evidence of fraud or misrepresentations, it is assumed that there was no fraud.  

However, if there is evidence of fraud, an immigrant must show that he or she falls into one of the following categories: 

  • There was no false representation;

  • The false representation was not willful;

  • The false representation was not material; or

  • The false representation was not made to a U.S. government official.

If you can do this, you can avoid the expense and uncertainty of filing a waiver.  

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