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It's all about family. 


At the core of our immigration system is the family.  Visas are available to bring spouses, children, and parents, as well as brothers and sisters to the United States.  

Current waits for visa processing time can be found here

While the visa application can seem simple at times, there are instances where an attorney can help you to avoid pitfalls that can cost additional time and money to fix.  

There are many places where a visa can get lost, or mishandled. 

That's why the Campise Firm is here.  We can help you save time and money by ensuring the visa application process is done correctly: the first time.

***Recent changes to the law may affect your case - contact us now to learn what you can do***

Contact us to speak to someone about  your situation.

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201 448-9837

Law Office of Michael Campise

2125 Center Ave #314

Fort Lee, NJ 07024


Practice highlights

  • Represented Major League Baseball Players, Music Artists, and International Executives

  • Over ten years experience

  • Member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association

  • Handled thousands of immigration cases over the last ten years

  • Successfully sued the government in the Federal Courts

  • Fought for worker's rights and secured settlements for 

  • Licensed Real Estate Broker (NY)

Areas of Practice

Immigration Law

Residential Real Estate​

Criminal Law​

DCP&P (DYFS) Investigations and representation

Bankruptcy/Debtor's Rights

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