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DCPP and Child Abuse Complaints

DCPP (formerly DYFS) is the state division responsible for investigating and prosecuting child abuse and nelect claims.

A complaint is typically filed after a teacher, doctor, police officer, or other individual reports suspected child abuse.  

If you get a call from a DCPP caseworker you NEED to get an attorney.  DCPP investigations are probing and intrusive...and that is the way they are SUPPOSED TO BE.

In some cases, a child is taken out of the house immediately.  In those cases, the parents will be entitled to a hearing within 36 hours of the removal.

If the child is not removed, DCPP may still file a complaint against the parents in the family court of the county that the child resides. 

Title 9 vs. Title 30.

TItle 9 cases involve an allegation of abuse or neglect.  Title 30 cases do not have to have abuse or neglect, but show that a family may need services, such as counseling, substance abuse counseling/treatment, family therapy or other such assistance.  Often these cases are brought together, but they are not always.

Title 30 cases have a summary hearing (like a check-up) after six months.  If, after that time, the judge feels that DCPP has not shown a need for more services, the case will be dismissed.  Under Title 9, cases typically take 9-12 months.  At the end of that time, the court will make a decision as to whether reunification is possible. or if the child needs to be adopted out.  

Clearly it is essential for anyone in this process to have legal representation.  If you do not qualify for a public defender, or feel more comfortable with a private attorney who is able to spend the time and resources you need for your case contact us.

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