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Criminal Court Representation

When your facing a criminal charge, make sure you have someone with trial experience at your side.  

It's scary facing the potential loss of your money and freedom when you are accused of a crime.  In these situations, you need someone who can zealously advocate for you to try to negotiate with the prosecutor and, if needed, to go to trail.  

It's important to remember that in a criminal prosecution it is the government's job to prove their case against you - not the other way around.  Everyone is presumed innocent.  

Michael Campise has worked in New York and New Jersey criminal courts for the past seven years.  He has handled many cases, including:


Second Degree Assault

Second Degree Robbery

Felony Lewd Recordings

Domestic incidents



Weapons possession


Forcible touching

Mr. Campise zealously protects your rights and fights for you.


Contact us to speak to someone about  your situation.

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Contact Us



201 448-9837

Law Office of Michael Campise

2125 Center Ave #314

Fort Lee, NJ 07024


Practice highlights

  • Represented Major League Baseball Players, Music Artists, and International Executives

  • Over ten years experience

  • Member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association

  • Handled thousands of immigration cases over the last ten years

  • Successfully sued the government in the Federal Courts

  • Fought for worker's rights and secured settlements for 

  • Licensed Real Estate Broker (NY)

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