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Criminal/Immigration Encounters

Every encounter with the police can affect your immigration status.

If you are an immigrant, and facing any type of criminal charge, you NEED and immigration lawyer.

Immigration will look at your arrest and conviction differently than the criminal justice system. 


Many people are shocked to find that a "no big deal" case can lead to detention, and removal from the United States.

Immigration takes a much different look at your convictions than the criminal justice system does.  

I've often spoken to criminal lawyers who say "this is OK for immigration right...?" only for me to inform them that it could very well get their client deported.  


Many criminal lawyers are surprised to find that the "great"  deal they worked out with the prosecutor will lead to permanent deportation.  Every arrest affects your immigration status.  

Even a conviction that will not render you removable, can still affect your immigration status, even your ability to become a U.S. Citizen.

You need a team to work with you and your lawyer.  We are able to work with you and your criminal lawyer to give you the best result for BOTH immigration and criminal courts. 

But the time to act is now.

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