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Becoming a citizen is the end of the immigration story for many.  Having the full rights and responsibilities of a U.S. Citizen opens up many benefits to you.  It also cements your place in the United States.  Unlike almost every other country in the world, you can be born somewhere else, but become an "American."

To get these benefits and rights, though, you must apply for and pass your citizenship interview.  The interview has two parts: the test, and the application.  

The examination

The citizenship test has four parts: reading, writing, civics, and understanding English.  USCIS officers are supposed to ask these questions in a certain way - and failing to do so can result in the applicant failing one or more of these areas.  

Occasionally, an applicant may have a disability or other exception to having to take all or part of the examination.  CALL US IF YOU HAVE FAILED YOUR EXAM FOR ANY REASON.

The application

The application is where USCIS will determine if you are eligible to become a citizen.  There is a list of about 50 questions.  CALL AN ATTORNEY IF YOU ANSWER YES TO ANY OF THESE QUESTIONS.  A "yes" MAY NOT BE A BIG DEALl, or it may be a HUGE PROBLEM.  

The citizenship adjudicator will have your entire file so it is important to be aware of any problems you've had in the past - these may come up in your interview.  YOU WILL NEED TO KNOW HOW TO ANSWER THESE DIFFICULT AND INTRUSIVE QUESTIONS.  

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