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COVID-19, Over extended credit cards, past due accounts?  Bankruptcy is a fresh start.


Our "enjoy now - pay later" culture, which the banks and Wall Street encourage tempt us - and eventually you find yourself behind on bill, credit cards maxed out and our mortgage late.  It's called a debt trap.  It's not just you.  ENTIRE COUNTRIES FALL INTO DEBT TRAPS.  

Sometimes - A major event like COVID-19 is sometimes the spark of a debt reckoning.  

Other times the debt trap catches up and you find yourself overextended and unable to repay or, more likely, able to pay the minimum payment only - enough to keep your credit score up, but unable to pay off your debt for decades - often at rates of over 25%.  Student loans are lower interest, but will get repaid in nearly every case.  

When you decide you want to break out of the debt trap, there are a number of tools you can use.  


Rapidly paying off debt - You can devote most of your disposable income for the next year, two or longer to repaying debts.  If you don't have enough disposable income, you can look at getting rid of unneeded expenses.

Settling your accounts for less than what is owed - If you are behind on your debts, but have access to a lump sum of cash you can settle your debts for less than what is owed.  The advantage is that you pay down all or a significant part of your debts for less than you owe and have a clean break.  However, you will have to deal with collection calls, ruined credit, and depending on how much you owe, you will have to still spend a significant amount of money.

Bankruptcy - bankruptcy is a fresh start.  Depending on what type of bankruptcy you are filing, you may be able to discharge all or a significant part of your debt.  While your credit will take a hit, many are able to establish responsible credit histories not long after the debt is discharged.  It is more drastic, but can also be the most effective and quick way to get out of the debt trap.    

Whatever your situation, we can provide assistance to you.  

Contact us to speak to someone about  your situation.

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